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Finding your path of self-healing, activating your healing self, and regaining the life you want to live. That is what you want and what I can help you with. It took me years to find my own path of self-healing, but it was a valuable quest that taught me a lot. Now I love to apply my knowledge to help you find your path of self-healing, too.

You are the only one who can heal you, but you don’t have to go it alone. I’m here to guide you towards your natural path of healing, to walk beside you, and to give you the tools to heal yourself!

Self-Healing Sessions

Are you in your twenties or thirties and ready to find your path of self-healing? Have you been struggling with fibromyalgia, chronic pain, fatigue, insomnia, irritable bowel syndrome, or Lyme’s Disease? Are you curious to which herbs want to help you heal yourself? And are you longing for some inner calm that truly recharges you?

My Self-Healing Sessions are what you’re looking for!

During these sessions:

  • You’ll receive nutrition guidance inspired by Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and Western nutrition science;
  • You’ll discover which herbs want to help you on your path to self-healing;
  • You’ll learn how to integrate these herbs into your daily life, physically and energetically;
  • You’ll find inner calm and develop self-love;
  • You’ll be introduced to different forms of meditation;
  • You’ll become more connected to the healing power of Mother Earth;
  • You’ll tap into all the knowledge I gained on my own quest for health.

What do my Self-Healing Sessions change for you?

  • Your self-healing abilities will be activated;
  • You’ll come closer to yourself and more connected to your inner compass;
  • You’ll find your personal path to self-healing;
  • You’ll find calm and healing within yourself, making you less dependent of health specialists;
  • Your health improves and you’ll feel more comfortable in your own skin;
  • You’ll experience inner growth;
  • You’ll regain the energy and motivation to live the life that you truly want to live!

What does a Self-Healing Session look like?

  • 60 minutes 1-on-1 via Skype (or in Eindhoven, The Netherlands, on Tuesday afternoons);
  • We’ll map out your ailments and struggles, during follow-up sessions we’ll focus on your progress;
  • I believe that everyone’s path to self-healing looks different, so we’ll go find your personal self-healing path without GPS (a.k.a. custom coaching);
  • To gain more insight in specific situations we’ll use the Tarot;
  • Personal guidance in regards to nutrition, herbs, and inner calm, based on Eastern and Western teachings.

First session $115,-
Follow-up sessions $95,-

Or choose for a series of 5 sessions and save 10%: $445


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