Tarot Readings


Reading for Bizz Bosses

Lost your focus? Want to set business goals with clarity? Want to get clear about the purpose of your business? Need some insight into your ideal clients? In a business reading I’ll answer all of these questions and more. Together with the tarot, we look into your boss struggles and get you back on track with a clear focus, a backpack of inspiration and a serving of good old motivation.


Reading for the 12 months ahead

Want to get productive? Make the most of the upcoming 12 months? Ready to become the best version of yourself? In this reading we have a look at the twelve months ahead to find out what energies you’ll be working with. When you’re prepared and know what to expect, you can make the most of your year as you’ll notice the opportunities coming your way!

Reading for Healing

Are you on your path of self-healing? Have you been ill for a long while of been struggling with specific health issues? A Reading for Healing shines a light on your path of self-healing. You’ll get clarity on what to focus on to increase your energy, reduce pain and realise your dreams. Your inner wisdom knows the way to healing, a tarot reading will show it to you.


Burning Questions Reading

Are you dying to get more insight into a specific situation? Do you have a burning question you can only ask someone with an objective perspective? In need of a refreshing view on the matter at hand? In a Burning Question Reading you can ask me anything you want to know. Together with the tarot, I’ll give you more insight, clarity, and confidence.