12 Months Ahead Tarot Reading


Dutch | English

A reading for the 12 months ahead gives you clarity, inspiration, motivation and focus for the upcoming year, and prepares you for all the year has in store for you! When you’re prepared and know what to expect, you can make the most of your year as you’ll notice the opportunities coming your way, have clearer goals, and will be able to put things into perspective in times of struggle.

In a 12 Months Ahead Reading I draw thirteen cards, the first twelve cards all represent a particular month. The thirteenth card shows what the general theme is for the upcoming year and what energy you’ll be working with. Lastly, I apply numerology to give an extra dimension to the theme of your year.

A 12 Months Ahead Reading includes:

  • a live reading of 30-60 minutes with me via Skype;
  • after our reading I’ll send you a picture of the cards laid out.

Frequently Asked Questions

I don’t have PayPal, can I schedule a reading anyway?
Sure! Just find your favourite timeslot on the calender and shoot me an email with the details that are requested of you in the scheduling tool. info@thescentofcinnamon.com subject line: ‘year ahead tarot reading w/o paypal’.

Can I reschedule my reading?
Of course! You can easily reschedule your reading via the confirmation email your received earlier.

What if I don’t show up for my reading?
Too bad! In this case your reading will be cancelled without restitution.

Is it possible to get a reading in Dutch?
Absolutely! Just let me know whether you’re Dutch or English speaking in the form you have to fill out when ordering a reading.