Free Self-Healing Session

Are you struggling with chronic pain or fatigue? And would you like to enjoy more physical comfort and energy? I can help you! Each month I offer 4 free, informal Self-Healing Sessions.

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I’m currently taking leaps on my own healing & spiritual journey, which means I’ll be abroad and closing up shop till September. Make sure to check back in after the Summer! Thank you!

What can I expect from a Free Self-Healing Session?

During this session, we’ll look at some of the obstacles that are blocking you on your path towards a healthy life:

  • How to start of on your path of self-healing to ease the pain and get more energy;
  • We’ll look into why your current state is not chronic, and what you can do to improve your physical condition;
  • After our session, you’ll know what’s the next step to take on your path of self-healing, to heal yourself, ease the pain and get more energy.

After this session, you’ll continue on your path of self-healing with renewed hope and motivation!

Book your session above so that I can guide you towards a more comfortable and energetic life! Have questions? Contact me via