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Are you in your twenties or thirties and have you been struggling with chronic pain or fatigue? Are you grappling with insomnia or a constant feeling of restlessness? Have you been diagnosed with fibromyalgie, chronic fatigue, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), or Lyme’s Disease? Were you told to just accept your ailments and learn to live with it? Do you feel called to continue your healing journey anyway and to find your natural path to healing? As a self-healing coach I’m here to help you!

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My name is Charelle and I'm a self-healing coach

I believe that you are the only one who can heal you, but that you don’t have to go it alone. With my holistic approach including nutrition, herbalism and the cultivation of inner calm and growth, I help you to walk your own natural path of self-healing.

My practice The Scent of Cinnamon is the result of my own quest for health. A quest on which I discovered and learned so much, that I know it is my calling to help you find your health, too. So you can regain your energy and lust for life, feel empowered to live the life that you want to live, and will heal yourself fully.

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How I help you: nutrition, herbalism, self-care, and awareness

A healthy diet is the foundation of a healthy life. That doesn’t mean you can never eat chips anymore, it means that you can greatly affect your health by what and how you eat. Together we’ll look at what small changes might lead to drastic health improvements, more energy, and less pain!

Herbs can help us achieve these results. We’ll look for your herbal allies and I’ll advise you how to integrate these herbs into your daily life, physically and energetically.

But most importantly, we’ll cultivate inner calm by diving into different forms of meditation and energetic protection. I apply techniques inspired by mindfulness, Buddhism, Hinduism, shamanism, the chakra system, Qigong, and the teachings of medium Sanaya Roman. Inner calm and self-care activate your healing self and plant the seeds for inner growth.

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Gierst Ontbijt uit de Oven | Dit gierst ontbijt uit de oven is een heerlijk begin van een koude ochtend. Als pseudo-graan geeft gierst je direct de energie die je nodig hebt, terwijl de licht zoete smaak van kokos en blauwe bessen je helpt om op een drukke dag met beide benen op de grond te blijven staan. Geheel glutenvrij en veganistisch genieten!

Self-Healing Coaching Session

  • nutrition guidance (inspired by Ayurveda, Chinese Medicine, Western science)
  • herbal advice
  • tools to cultivate self-care, inner calm & growth

Qigong Workshops

  • pain relief
  • inner peace
  • anyone can join, even in case of physical disabilities

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On my blog I share Ayurvedic recipes, tips for mindfulness, shamanistic experiences, and more! As of December 2017 posts will be in English, older posts are still in Dutch.

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